LunArt — Auction and Genesis Collection Mint

There has been a whirlwind of activity in the LunArt space since our last update, so let’s start off with running you through some of the key developments

  • LunArt becomes the first project to mint fractal art on the Terra Blockchain
  • Alpha Drop Auction on Knowhere — First 10 LunArt NFT’s sold out
  • Donation of 175.5 LUNA to Angel Protocol
  • Giveaway of Alpha Drop edition NFT drawn and transferred to the lucky winner
  • Sale ceiling smashed, record sale of 300 LUNA
  • Genesis Collection Revenue Sharing released
  • LunArt’s community driven “Curator Club & NFT Gallery” announced
  • Mint Day locked in for the 31st of October
  • Naming competition launched
  • The Master of StableCoin, Do Kwon, retweets LunArt

The main event of the last week was undoubtedly, the auction on After the minting of the first fractal art on the Terra Blockchain only days earlier, the first 10 of the initial 11 Genesis Collection LunArt NFT’s went under the metaverse hammer. One lucky community member was awarded 1 piece through our engagement.

Right on schedule, the action was live and bidding had begun.

We had eager buyers committing some initial bids in the first few hours, however, it wasn’t until the remaining 2 hours of the 24 hour time limit where things really heated up. As the countdown’s made their way to zero, the stage was set for an NFT battle for the Terra history books.

Bids came in fast and thick from over 50 wallets and the floor promptly shifted from 10, to 20, to 45, 60, to 75 LUNA as eager NFT connoisseurs battled it out to get their hands on a piece of history. Knowhere auctions offer an extra layer of anticipation with each bid adding additional minutes to the countdown.

And then, as precipitously as the auctions started. The hammers went down.

Once the dust settled, it was clear that there was a significant demand and appreciation for @LunArt NFT’s. “Solar Alps” by NameoCeo, fetched the highest figure at 183.7 LUNA, a value of UST6798 at the time. “Seraphim” was close behind at 180 LUNA, which resulted in a gracious donation of 175.5LUNA to Angel Protocol. The average sale surpassed 120 LUNA.

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the buyers who picked up 2 NFT’s, re-listed “Colossus” by CrysisMidlife for 300 LUNA on Knowhere and sold it a few days later, raising the top sale for a LunArt NFT in the process.

As LunArt tweeted at the time, “This is only the beginning”

All eyes are now on the full release of the LunArt Genesis Drop. The minting of the remainder of the 333, handcrafted 1:1 NFT’s will take place on the completely revamped version 2 of on the 31st of October. Private whitelist minting will go live a day earlier.

There are still chances to get onto the private whitelist. Make sure that you follow on Twitter and Discord for opportunities to be included. Check out the Naming Competition currently running or keep an eye on more chances leading up to the mint.

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